Bikis Ceramics is created by ceramic artist Naomi Bikis. The work blurs the boundary between sculptural objects and functional vessels. Bikis’ studio practice incorporates research into form, focusing on altering wheel-thrown pieces, slicing them, and hand building back into the shapes. These pieces explore the relationship between the perfection of the wheel and the mark of the maker’s hand. Predominantly they are created to work together as groups or pairings, with the focus on both the spherical, flowing forms and the negative space between the altered works. Together with slip and underglaze, the work evokes a sense of tactility and recalls the qualities of the ancient earth they were made with.

Based in East London, tucked away in an old Victorian mews, Bikis creates one-of-a-kind pieces, ensuring that no two items are identical. Each piece retains its own idiosyncrasies and has a handmade feel that is unique to each of the works.

Photograph by Sarah Maingot